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BRJ Mission Day Blog

Taking lots of inspiration from Steve’s blog and the work he is doing in Shropshire schools, I have unashamedly pinched his ideas and tried to blog our year 9 mission day. 10 year 9 students, 2 sixth formers and 2 staff armed with cameras and mp3 players tried to capture the essence of year 9 mission day in pictures and interviews. You can see the blog here and it is still very much in production. We used flickr to store our photos and to store our movies and sound files. Some post production on the interviews was carried out using audacity.

It was a good day on the whole but quite a steep learning curve for all concerned. The main problem was the lack of time and everything was a bit rushed, however, the students did come back the following day to try and finish things off.


July 15, 2006 - Posted by | blogs, ICT, web2.0

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