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Showing off pupil’s work using flickr, slide and wordpress

This is a quick, easy, free and effective way of getting the work of your pupil’s out there for everyone to see.

  1. Upload images to flickr
  2. Use these images to create a slideshow in slide
  3. Use the generated code to add the slideshow to your wordpress blog

Click on the slideshow and then move your mouse over an image to see the creator 


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WordPress hidden toolbar

For wordpress bloggers – if you want more control when formatting the text in your posts then try pressing alt-v (ctrl-v on the mac) and another set of icons appear…


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Radio Adverts

Year 9’s are focusing on an imaginary business this year.  They have just completed a radio advert for the business using Audacity

Have a listen – you can find their latest blog posts containing the ads on the right hand side.

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My first splashcast…


[splashcast RFTG6962AC]

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Interview with pupil bloggers

I recently recorded an interview with two year 8 pupils about their personal learning blogs. They have some interesting things to say about;

  • why they blog
  • when they blog
  • what they feel about their friends, teachers and strangers leaving comments on their blog
  • how they want to develop their blogs in the future


Have a listen – it’s about 10 minutes long

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Pupil Blogs

As I started the new job I was keen to encourage the girls to use personal blogs to assist their learning. Each of the KS3 classes I teach had a lesson on using and setting up a personal blog. To ensure anonymity the girls have used their school login id’s in their url and they know that they shouldn’t include any personal details in their posts.

It’s early days but the results are quite interesting. Some girls are regularly using the blog to reflect on their learning and to share what they have been doing in lessons, some are only posting under duress in lessons. Some classes have also set up personal accounts in order to link their work to their posts. I want to be able to assess work online by commenting on posts and linked work and I’ve started to do this but it really is a work in progress and the jury is still out.

You can see some of the latest posts from pupil blogs on the right hand side.

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New job, new blog – ICT@SHR

At the end of my time at BRJ I was using the VLE to deliver lessons. There is no VLE (yet) at Shrewsbury High School so I have created a blog to deliver lessons – it seems to be going quite well so far and the girls are getting used to checking the blog as soon as they have logged on. Prompting responses to questions on a post by using comments also seems to be working quite well and the girls like reading the answers of others.


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BRJ Mission Day Blog

Taking lots of inspiration from Steve’s blog and the work he is doing in Shropshire schools, I have unashamedly pinched his ideas and tried to blog our year 9 mission day. 10 year 9 students, 2 sixth formers and 2 staff armed with cameras and mp3 players tried to capture the essence of year 9 mission day in pictures and interviews. You can see the blog here and it is still very much in production. We used flickr to store our photos and to store our movies and sound files. Some post production on the interviews was carried out using audacity.

It was a good day on the whole but quite a steep learning curve for all concerned. The main problem was the lack of time and everything was a bit rushed, however, the students did come back the following day to try and finish things off.

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