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I love a challenge…

Steve asked if anyone could help with a little excel project he was working on and I’ve had a go and the result can be downloaded here.

I copied the original sheet into a new sheet and recorded a quick macro that copied the random numbers from one sheet and then pasted them as values in the next.  I also added a little conditional formatting for the incorrect/correct statements.  I think it works OK but if you change the sheet names you will need to change the macro as well.


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Radio Adverts

Year 9’s are focusing on an imaginary business this year.  They have just completed a radio advert for the business using Audacity

Have a listen – you can find their latest blog posts containing the ads on the right hand side.

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teach-ict videos

I’ve used a lot, especially for their starter activities.  Now they have added software video tutorials which cover lots of basic and not so basic skills.  I used them recently in a year 7 lesson as a starter, I pointed the class to the excel section and told them they had 5 minutes to learn two new things about excel.  After the five minutes were up they were very enthusiastic about sharing what they had discovered – I didn’t teach them anything….

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Peer evaluation using MS Access

In an attempt to record some peer evaluation of their classmates webpages, I put together this database.  Pupils were commenting on the work of a group who developed a section of a website rather than commenting on the work of an individual.

It can be shared on a network –  it uses a form to collect data and a report to collate responses.  With a little Access knowledge you could probably adapt it to suit any assessment situation.

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OCR Nationals in ICT – Resources 

I came across this site recently and I’m sure it would be very useful for anyone thinking about delivering the OCR Nationals in ICT.  It is quite sophisticated, free and the generous ICT people at Sandfields Comprehensive school are more than happy for anyone to use it!  Here is the first paragraph on the home page;

Why we are here

ICT-Tutor is designed specifically for the parents and pupils of Sandfields Comprehensive School, studying a range of qualifications. However, anyone studying the same qualifications is more than welcome to use any of the material on this site. As a new site, we have decided to concentrate on providing material for the OCR Nationals in ICT qualification first. This site is a school resource, it is not produced, endorsed or recommended by OCR or any other examining body.

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Google Bombing – an experiment

In a recent PSE lesson with my form we conducted a google bombing experiment.  We all shared a search phrase we would like to use to link to our blogs.  We then created a new post on our blogs, added the phrases and turned them into links.  The results have been quite interesting.  The original post can be found here.

I think some of the class have now got to grips with a google bomb and have seen in reality how they can easily influence a global search engine.

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Another great starter. I’ve used this in three ways;

  1. projected on the board with me typing and the class shouting out answers
  2. each pupil signed in individually
  3. playing as a team

A new game starts every 3 minutes or so and you get to play against loads of other people on the web. The kids love it and its a great way to warm up the brain before a lesson.

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Interview with pupil bloggers

I recently recorded an interview with two year 8 pupils about their personal learning blogs. They have some interesting things to say about;

  • why they blog
  • when they blog
  • what they feel about their friends, teachers and strangers leaving comments on their blog
  • how they want to develop their blogs in the future


Have a listen – it’s about 10 minutes long

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BRJ Mission Day Blog

Taking lots of inspiration from Steve’s blog and the work he is doing in Shropshire schools, I have unashamedly pinched his ideas and tried to blog our year 9 mission day. 10 year 9 students, 2 sixth formers and 2 staff armed with cameras and mp3 players tried to capture the essence of year 9 mission day in pictures and interviews. You can see the blog here and it is still very much in production. We used flickr to store our photos and to store our movies and sound files. Some post production on the interviews was carried out using audacity.

It was a good day on the whole but quite a steep learning curve for all concerned. The main problem was the lack of time and everything was a bit rushed, however, the students did come back the following day to try and finish things off.

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Have tried the following lesson with years 7, 8 & 9 – it seems to have gone quite well so far…

    1. Firstly, I ask the students to open three different internet explorer windows with three of their favourite websites (they like this bit). Then we have a bit of a discussion on how they can easily get back to these pages again. Nearly all of them will talk about favourites and we talk about the fact that their favourites go with them around college because its part of their network profile. However, they can’t access those pages from their computer at home.
    2. Then I introduce and show them how to register, download the various buttons and post to delicious. They open up another IE window for, register and then post their three favourite sites (and others) to We also have a quick chat about tagging.
    3. At this point I explain that all they are doing is using a glorified favourites page but the clever bit comes when you are able to look at and share the posts of others. Usually, I simply pick a child in the class, ask them their user name and we have a look at their links. I then show them how to add their friends using the “your network” section and then they head off and do that for a bit.
    4. Lastly, I explain that there is a site that I would like to share with them from my and I send it to 4 students in the class using the for: tag. These students then pass on the site to the person next to them and the chain continues until all the students in the class have the site posted on their

Now then, it seems to work well as an introduction but where do I go from here? How do I sustain its use within the classroom before the kids become disinterested and forget their login details?

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