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Asus minibook – hands on

Steve has been kind enough to lend me his Asus minibook for a few days.  Have only been playing for a few minutes but I’ve easily connected to the wireless network at Welti, multi-media files on the web are great (no need to download flash) and I’m getting to grips with the smallish keyboard.

So far so good – next step is to get school on board.


January 23, 2008 Posted by | hardware, opensource | | 3 Comments

Open-source software

I’ve had a newspaper cutout from the independent for some time now which lists some “essential open-source downloads”.  I thought it was about time I made a record of these and then threw the paper away.  A link to the online article is here and the programs covered are;

  • openoffice – office software
  • gimp – image manipulator
  • avg – anti-virus
  • videolan – media player
  • audacity – digital audio editor
  • inkscape – vector graphics editor
  • nvu – web-page creator
  • thunderbird – e-mail

I’ve used openoffice, had a look at gimp and I make regular use of avg and audacity.  I would add firefox to this, my web browser of choice.  Anyone used the others?

August 27, 2007 Posted by | opensource | 2 Comments