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teach-ict videos

I’ve used a lot, especially for their starter activities.  Now they have added software video tutorials which cover lots of basic and not so basic skills.  I used them recently in a year 7 lesson as a starter, I pointed the class to the excel section and told them they had 5 minutes to learn two new things about excel.  After the five minutes were up they were very enthusiastic about sharing what they had discovered – I didn’t teach them anything….


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OCR Nationals in ICT – Resources 

I came across this site recently and I’m sure it would be very useful for anyone thinking about delivering the OCR Nationals in ICT.  It is quite sophisticated, free and the generous ICT people at Sandfields Comprehensive school are more than happy for anyone to use it!  Here is the first paragraph on the home page;

Why we are here

ICT-Tutor is designed specifically for the parents and pupils of Sandfields Comprehensive School, studying a range of qualifications. However, anyone studying the same qualifications is more than welcome to use any of the material on this site. As a new site, we have decided to concentrate on providing material for the OCR Nationals in ICT qualification first. This site is a school resource, it is not produced, endorsed or recommended by OCR or any other examining body.

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A consonant please Carol…

countdown.gifSteve brought this great countdown website to my attention through delicious and I use it regulalry as a starter activity in conjunction with my mini-whiteboards. It really gets the grey matter ticking over and the majority of pupils love it. I’m just wondering if anybody makes use of any other gems out there and would like to share them…..

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Find me a pupil


I pinched this idea from Joe Holmes while he was on placement at BRJ and I’ve modified it a bit.  The original incarnation by Mike Hollis at MMU can be found here.

I’ve included the macro in my excel register and it selects a pupil at random – it’s great for keeping them all on their toes because they are not sure who is going to have to answer a question….

You can download a copy of the template below  – I keep all my registers in one excel file along with a copy of my timetable, class progress, a list of all students – anything that works nicely as a seperate tab.

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