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Present about PBwiki and upgrade your educational wiki for free

I’m going to do a presentation about pbwiki to the rest of staff at school and the nice people at pbwiki provide a presenter pack for you to use.  Not only that, they will give you 3 Gold upgrades for free – one for you and two for you to give away.  Sounds like a good deal to me….  instructions below.

Thanks for requesting a PBwiki Presenter Pack!

We didn’t expect to get such a huge response from our email yesterday, so when we saw the flood of hundreds and hundreds of emails coming in, we almost fainted. Fortunately, we just set up a better system to handle lots and lots of PBwiki Presenter Pack requests.

To get your Presenter Pack, please do us a favor and re-enter your information here:
We’ll get the goodies to you right away.


David, Ramit, Nathan, Emily, Brian, and Darren
Your PBwiki Presenter Packified Team


March 30, 2007 Posted by | web2.0, wiki | 1 Comment

Blank Canvas

As I will be starting a new job in September, I am beginning to think about how I will introduce some sort of teaching and learning web presence for myself and the students. I really want the students to be able to comment on their own work and the work of others so I'm currently thinking about a network of student blogs with links to their work in either or  Any other ideas or suggestions?  What would be the best blog to use?  Ta!

June 21, 2006 Posted by | web2.0, wiki | Leave a comment


GCSE Wiki is now online – have introduced it to a couple of groups and it seems to be quite popular.  Not quite sure where it goes from here… has anybody got any ideas or experience of using something similar in the classroom? 

brj gcse wiki

May 3, 2006 Posted by | gcse, ICT, revision, wiki | 1 Comment

BRJ Wiki

Had a go today at setting up a wiki for AS ICT students to share their knowledge of various topics in preparation for their upcoming exams. Written by students for students. Might work as a good revision tool…

ictatbrj wiki

April 28, 2006 Posted by | AS, ICT, revision, wiki | 1 Comment